• Raffle Prizes – this is just the start!

    Our community is very generous – we’ve seen it again and again. We have some incredibly generous prizes for this year’s raffle.

    Fundraiser-RaffleCheck out all of the amazing prizes and much more will be available on Saturday!

    • Catch A Star Studio – T-Shirt: “Not all witches come from Salem”
    • Walks Within – 2 CDS: Guided Meditation
    • GIFTS Fair Trade – 3 CDs: Music from around the world with a little shaker with which to keep time
    • Sandra Hill – A lovely Corset
    • Ethereal Earth Fantasy Art – Dragonfly Pendant
    • Batfish Studio – beautiful paid of Earrings
    • Bronwyn Lee Gaudin – Magic Prosperity Chalk: Draw your abundance sigils with Chalk infused with herbs, oils and magic
    • Adventures in Writing – Book: The Chocolate Pilgrim: A Journey to Self-discovery and Transformation on the Camino de Santiago
    • Forest Spirit Creations  – Tiny Bottle Curiosity Set: filled with Old Man’s Beard Moss, Small Maple Seeds, Animal Bone, and a Tiny Cedar Cone. Each bottle has a vintage style label and is sealed with wax
    • Catch A Star StudioTwo silver pentagram necklaces set with chakra stones

    Raffle tickets are $2 each, or 3 for $5. All proceeds go to cover the costs of Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day so we can donate more to our charities, The Goldstream Food Bank and LifeCycles Project Society.




  • Vendor Highlight: Bowls by Greybeard

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Bowls by Greybeard!

    Maker of beautiful wood turned and segmented bowls,  Greybeard brings his unique style to all he creates. Orders taken for specialty items.

    Visit Bowls by Greybeard at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!


  • Vendor Highlight: Moon Walker Magick

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Moon Walker Magick!

    Sea Salt & Spoons. We use sustainably harvested sea water from the south coast of Vancouver Island. As a family business, we make sure we harvest ethically and responsibly. We do all the distillation in Circle in our home. The spoons are gathered from the driftwood on the beach where the water is collected.

    Soul Salt (black salt) has ceremonial ashes mixed in to make for more potent magick. It is only made twice a year, at Beltane and Yule.

    Visit Moon Walker Magick at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!



  • Performer Highlight: Steve and Vivian Ruskin

    Steve and Vivian Ruskin

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Steve and Vivian Ruskin!

    Steve and Vivian RuskinSteve and Vivian Ruskin, in their over 35 years as a duo, have been influenced by many musicians and genres. They slide comfortably from ballads to blues, celtic to contemporary, rockabilly to reggae, folk to jazz, originals to kid friendly and a dash of Latin added to the song mix. They have a love for music that reflects the mystical and magick in our world. Their music is entertaining for all age groups and their set lists are adjusted for their audience and the occasion. Though Steve is an acoustic piano player at heart, the more portable keyboards have opened up a world of multi-instrumental opportunity, allowing the most effective sounds for each song. Vivian adds guitar to the mix and her strong and versatile lead vocals are complimented by Steve’s tasteful vocal harmonies. He also plays a mean harmonica~! They live in the Comox Valley and enjoy performing there as well as other venues – big and small – on Vancouver Island.

    See and hear Steve and Vivian Ruskin perform at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day August 17th!

  • Performer Highlight: High Quadra Ramblers

    high quadra ramblers

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Hight Quadra Ramblers!

    high quadra ramblersThe High Quadra Ramblers are a duo creating their own interpretation of traditional music – fusing appalachian oldtime with classical, celtic, bluegrass and original compositions.

    The High Quadra Ramblers are Mack Shields on fiddle and vocals and Kaitlin Chamberlin on banjo, vocals and stepdancing: a powerhouse duo keeping the magic of traditional music alive. They are doing ambitious things with appalachian oldtime, translating traditional celtic into clawhammer banjo rhythms and taking inspiration from cajun, métis and classical to create original music. Their compositions range from high energy instrumentals to beautiful lyrical folk songs. Hailing from the East and the West, the influence of both coasts can be heard in the driving rhythm and intricate melodies of their music.

    Periodically, you will see them accompanied by their bass player, Keith Rodger.

    Since appearing on the West Coast music scene a year ago, they have been very active – they’ve completed 3 tours, played in Canada and the US, released their debut album and 2 EPs with another album on the way, and have had their music commissioned for a film soundtrack (www.risenshinethemovie.com). The short film has since won 7 awards including Best Sound Design at the Independent Shorts Awards in LA.

    See and hear High Quadra Ramblers perform at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day August 17th!

    Visit High Quadra Ramblers online

  • Performer Highlight: Hekate’s Torch

    Hekate's Torch

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Hekate’s Torch!

    Hekate's TorchCanadian Pagan Rock band formed by Femi Heqet aka Mohana – vocals, melody and synth, Robert Johnson – guitar and lyrics and Ebony Heqet Johnson, mascot. May Her Torch Be With You!

    Robert Johnson and Femi Heqet are Hekate’s Torch, Robert is a poet and a songwriter who plays guitar and saxophone. He enjoys mixing and recording original music.

    Femi Heqet, aka Mohana is a Brazilian singer/songwriter who started singing and acting at the age of 5. Wrote her first poems at the age of 16. Soprano for the Amazon Choir conducted by Dirson Costa from 1998 to 2001. Started singing professionally and composing her first songs in English in 1999 in Alternative Rock style. Awarded for the play “Reflexiones de la Naturaleza” in Tena – Ecuador, 1st prize at the Drama and Music Festival/2010, as writer and producer. Awarded for the Best play soundtrack in the 5th Amazon Drama Festival together with Mikelane de Almeida and Douglas Rodrigues. Many shows performed live in Brazil, Venezuela and Ecuador.

    See and hear Hekate’s Torch perform at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day August 17th!

    Visit Hekate’s Torch online

  • Vendor Highlight: Adventures in Writing

    Marie Maccagno

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Adventures in Writing!

    Marie MaccagnoAs the author of the creative memoir, The Chocolate Pilgrim, Marie is passionate about writers and writing. She supports each person to find and develop their unique voice, whether it’s in a one-to-one coaching program, a writing workshop, or longer retreat.  At Pagan Pride, she’ll be writing Haiku by request. Come and stop by for your personalized poem. Be prepared to be amazed by the powerful words that emerge.

    Visit Adventures in Writing at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!

    Online at Adventures in Writing

  • Vendor Highlight: Emma Heitzmann Art Studio

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Emma Heitzmann Art Studio!

    Emma makes pottery that both mimics and represents several species of mushroom, that dances with bees, and that offers daily practice of prayer and noticing.

    Visit Emma at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!

    Online at Emma Heitzmann Art Studio

  • Vendor Highlight: Walks Within

    Walks Within

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Walks Within!

    Walks WithinMary is a professional Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher. She has been leading sacred circle since 2000, and writing guided meditations since 2001. She has been reading tarot as a hobby since 1995, and professionally since 2014. Her mission is to help you uncover the Divine within yourself, to reconnect to your Soul’s wisdom, and to help you find the path that is right for YOU.

    Mary will be offering tarot readings and guided meditation CDS. Her husband, David, will be accompanying her with his hand painted miniatures – including miniature Gods and Goddesses! – and custom chess sets.

    Visit Walks Within at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th

    Online at Walks Within

  • Vendor Highlight: GIFTS

    GIFTS - Global Initiatives Fair Trade Store

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes GIFTS (Global Initiatives Fair Trade Store)!

    GIFTS - Global Initiatives Fair Trade StorePart of the Fair Trade network, G.I.F.T.S. sells goods from producers around the world guaranteeing them a fair share of the value of their work.

    GIFTS Fair Trade is a small business that brings fair trade products from the developing world and offers them for sale at markets on Vancouver Island.  In doing so, we help artisans find an audience for their wares and ensure they get a fair price for their products.

    Diane and Nick Cacciato, the owners of GIFTS – Global Initiatives Fair Trade Store, have traveled extensively, and as long-time educators, are both committed to the principles of social justice.  They have been involved with GIFTS for several years and when the opportunity to buy the business came up, they jumped at the chance to keep GIFTS alive and well in the Cowichan Valley.

    Visit GIFTS at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!

    Online at GIFTS