• Pagan Pride Day Press Release

  • Vendor Highlight: Sage Creations and Wyrd Moon Creations

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Sage Creations & Wyrd Moon Creations!

    Sage Creations brings an eclectic style of palmistry that encompasses styles from all around the world to bring insight and clarity on health, love career and more. Practicing Magic for over 10 years to bring teaching and healing to the world.

    Wyrd Moon Creations Is a collective group of Witchy artists  creating magical  handmade jewelry, using natural materials. From Viking knit treasures to Antler necklaces, with Lava/crystal bracelets somewhere in the middle. [The Wyrd are the Nordic Fate Weavers of human kind, weaving all things into being] Witchy Women Weaving Wyrd Wonder )0(

    Visit Sage Creations & Wyrd Moon Creations on Pagan Pride Day in Sooke on August 11th! On Facebook at Sage Creations


  • Vendor Highlight: Catherine Whittall 

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Catherine Whittall!


    I am a Psychic, Numerologist and Palmist. I read and teach cartomancy.

    I’ve been practicing my craft for 30 years and Love what I do.

           Get a reading with Catherine at Pagan Pride Day on August 12

           Wrenspell Psychic Studio Catherine Whittall

  • Vendor Highlight: Catherine Whittall 

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Catherine Whittall


    Catherine is a professional Palmistry Practitioner, Numerologist and Psychic.

             Communication   *   Inspiration   *   Transformation

                Learn more at www.Catherine Whittall.com