• Share the Harvest: Cowichan Green Community Society

    The theme of Pagan Pride all around the world is to Share the Harvest. Many of us have been blessed with abundance in various areas of our lives. Part of the mission of Pagan Pride Day is to give back to our communities.

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride is pleased to Share the Harvest with Cowichan Green Community Society!  Cowichan Green Community Society (CGC) is a non-profit organization that has been focusing on environmental sustainability in the Cowichan Region since 2004. CGC’s mandate is to improve food security by developing local capacity for food production, supporting equitable access, and strengthening the community’s health and resilience through food.

    We need your help, too! When you come out to Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day to learn, to celebrate and to have fun, remember to bring your donations! Help us SHARE THE HARVEST! Our committee has been working hard to raise funds to host Pagan Pride Day and to be able to give back to this important organizations that contributes so much in our community.

    You can support us and Cowichan Green Community Society by purchasing raffle tickets or by making a donation at Pagan Pride Day in Duncan on August 13th!

  • Vendor Highlight: Rainyday Curiosities

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Rainyday Curiosities!

    Rainyday Curiosities has a wide variety of affordable Blue Lotus products that you are sure to love. We procure our Blue Lotus flowers from a Thai company, Thasai International, that practices sustainable harvesting without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, producing a steady supply of flowers throughout the year.

    Visit Rainyday Curiosities at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day on August 13th!

    Rainyday Curiosities




  • Vendor Highlight: Celts and Vikings Mythology Shoppe

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back the Celts and Vikings Mythology Shoppe!

    The place for Gothic home decor, clothing and accessories! Visit the Celts and Vikings Mythology Shoppe at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 13th!
    Celts and Vikings Mythology Shoppe





  • Schedule of Events on Pagan Pride Day August 17, 2019

    We’ve got another fabulous lineup of workshops and performers for this year’s event!

  • Info Booth Highlight: Circle of the Sacred Muse

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Circle of the Sacred Muse and the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada!

    Circle of the Sacred MuseThe Circle of the Sacred Muse is an open Wiccan community serving Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River and the surrounding communities on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We celebrate the Sabbats and Full Moons – our rituals are open to the public to attend. We also have informal “coffee cauldrons,” where we can meet, share experiences, and have fun.

    Our circle is accepting of all, regardless of race, gender or orientation. Whether you are an experienced covener, new to the craft or just curious, you are welcome here. As we are told in the Charge of the Goddess, we bring “mirth and reverence” to our rituals.

    Circle of the Sacred Muse is an affiliate of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada. Visit them online, and then come visit them at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day!

  • Vendor Highlight: Our Dark Room

    our dark room

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Our Dark Room!

    our dark roomOur Dark Room is a husband and wife duo located in Victoria BC. They specialize in Dark Arts such as ethically sourced home oddities and custom made jewelry! All of their products were either hand sourced or found by friends/family naturally. Absolutely no animals were harmed or hunted for the purpose of our art! They respect the circle of life and follow mother natures guidance in finding and preserving these beautiful artifacts.

    Visit Our Dark Room at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!

    Online at Our Dark Room

  • Vendor Highlight: Mystic Mountain Lodge

    David Zunker

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Mystic Mountain Lodge!   promo photo - David Z

    David Zunker has 40 years of experience Reading Tarot. He conducts personal Psychic Tarot, Palms, and may do some mediumship. As an experienced Reader, he endeavors to provide his clients with a practical look into their future.

    Dallas is a Three Cord Witch of the 13th House School.

    David and Dallas will be holding sacred space at their booth. David offers Palm and Tarot Readings. David has been an Astrologer and Tarot Reader for 40+ years. And, they may have a few crafts to sell. They are there for you to chat about human life on Earth, all things Witchy and Pagan. Together they hold over 45 years of experience as practitioners of Magic and Pagan practice. Please check out David’s workshop.

    Visit David and Dallas at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!

    Online at Mystic Mountain Lodge  

  • Vendor Highlight: Sage Creations and Wyrd Moon Creations

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Sage Creations & Wyrd Moon Creations!

    Sage Creations brings an eclectic style of palmistry that encompasses styles from all around the world to bring insight and clarity on health, love career and more. Practicing Magic for over 10 years to bring teaching and healing to the world.

    Wyrd Moon Creations Is a collective group of Witchy artists  creating magical  handmade jewelry, using natural materials. From Viking knit treasures to Antler necklaces, with Lava/crystal bracelets somewhere in the middle. [The Wyrd are the Nordic Fate Weavers of human kind, weaving all things into being] Witchy Women Weaving Wyrd Wonder )0(

    Visit Sage Creations & Wyrd Moon Creations on Pagan Pride Day in Sooke on August 11th! On Facebook at Sage Creations


  • Vendor Highlight: Sand and Sea Crystal Therapy

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Sand & Sea Crystal Therapy! 

    I am a certified crystal therapist who loves to share the magic of crystals with people who want an alternative form of energy healing. My family of artists make healing jewelry and lovely goats milk soap which we will have available at our booth too. in love and light we create together ❤️

    Visit Sand & Sea Crystal Therapy on Pagan Pride Day on August 11th! Check out their website at www.sandandseadesigncompany.ca/