• New this year! Pagan Families at the HedgeWitch Shire booth

    For all of us pagan parents – there will be plenty to do at the Shire! Bring your family — bring yourself!

    PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a drop zone. Any children left unattended will be fed to the dragons and/or a general page will be made that a child has been found and should be returned to a parent asap. Thank you! 

  • Schedule of Events for Pagan Pride Day

    We’ve got an exciting lineup of workshops and performers for this year’s event!

  • Pagan Pride Day Press Release

  • Vendor Highlight: Changes by Jenna

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Changes by Jenna!  amber

    I hand-make Orgonites here in the Comox Valley. Orgonites are a combination of crystals and metals in resin which create an energy cleanser.   They draw in the negative ambient energy and transmute it back into positive ambient energy.   This negative ambient energy is coming off electronics, cars and even people.   I have made them into cell phone charms, pet tags, pendants and also in shells and various shapes, like swords, skulls and flowers.

    I also represent Color By Amber, a recycled jewelry company.   They have created an Eco-resin in which they encapsulate recycled materials and also interlayers made by artisans from all over the world.   Truly stunning, made in a sustainable way and guaranteed for life!

    Visit Changes by Jenna on Pagan Pride Day!

  • Vendor Highlight: Wacky Wizarding Wands and Other Wonderful Whats-its

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Wacky Wizarding Wands and Other Wonderful Whats’its!

    Whimsical arts, crafts and jewelry- inspired by the magic and mystery of fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and all things fantastical. We are a 3 generation team of crafters and artisans, coming together to make the world a tiny bit more magical.

    Specializing in; Magic Wands, Wings (Butterfly, Faerie, Demon, etc), Flower Crowns, Tutu’s, Mermaid, Unicorn and Demon Accessories, Potion bottles, Halloween Props, Wind Chimes, Sea Glass Jewelry, Elvish Tiara’s and Ear Cuffs, Wire Wrapped Jewelry, and Nerdy Jewelry.

    You can pick up your whimsical arts and jewelry on Pagan Pride Day and you can see more about Wacky Wizarding Wands and Other Wonderful Whats’its on Facebook

  • Vendor Highlight: Henna Grove

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Henna Grove!  

     Natural & Temporary Henna Body Art, Applied by the artist!

    Get your personal henna body art at Pagan Pride Day and you can see more of Henna Grove on Facebook

  • Vendor Highlight: Ethereal Earth

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Ethereal Earth!  Art Sample - Ethereal Earth

    Ethereal Earth is the studio name of artist, Alison Spokes. Using an electronic drawing tablet, digital drawing application and her own imagination, Alison paints with pixels to create enchanting fairy & fantasy inspired illustrations and handmade gifts.

    Ethereal Earth also offers a selection of mass market Tarot and oracle cards as well as some locally made fairy costumes and accessories.

    You can see Alison’s fantasy creations at Pagan Pride Day on August 12   Ethereal Earth


  • Fabulous Raffle Prizes!

    While you’re at Pagan Pride Day, make sure you get your raffle tickets. There are tons of fabulous raffle prizes donated by our vendors and local businesses.

    Tickets are $2 each, or 3 for $5, available at the Circle of the Sacred Muse tent. Proceeds go to the Comox Valley Food Bank and Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society.

    Prizes include:

  • Schedule of Events for Pagan Pride Day

    We’ve got an exciting lineup of workshops and performers for this year’s event!

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day Schedule 2016

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