• Pagan Pride Day Press Release

  • Vendor Highlight: The Oak and the Ivy Healing Services

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes The Oak and the Ivy Healing Services!  

    We believe that what you create inside yourself, manifests outside yourself. With this in mind, we know that chronic stress is linked to the 6 top leading causes of death today, and affects all levels of health. In this age of constant pressure, self-care has never been more important.  We’d like to help you with that! With a combined 30 years of experience, we customize treatments Reiki, Sekhmet, and Crystal Therapy, can offer insight and also counselling. While we specialize in chronic pain issues, we can typically help in most situations. We also sell items that are complementary to healing, such as crystals, meditation aids, jewelry and more.

    You can visit Oak and Ivy Healing Services on Pagan Pride Day on August 11th and on the web at http://oakandivy.wixsite.com/oakandivy


  • Workshop Presenters at Pagan Pride Day!

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day introduces our fascinating workshop presenters!

    Ritual Construction: Invocation as a Form of Worship with Belladonna Laveau at 10:30am. The Gods of Eleusis are invoked into Priests and Priestesses, so that the Gods can speak directly to you. Being touched by Deity in this way is life changing for all who experience it. Drawing Down the Moon, Invocation, Trance Prophecy are ritual techniques which allow Deity to enter your body and speak through you. This workshop will cover how to invoke successfully; why to invoke; how to know you have invoked.

    The World Beneath Our Feet at 11:45am. We will explore and rediscover Traditional uses for common plants and weeds that surround us. Many common weeds and plants have been used cross culturally for Medicine, Food or Craft for centuries.

    A Language of Life at 2:15pm. The words we use have the power to create our world. Take the first steps toward healing pain and creating peace through the language you use every day in a workshop facilitated by Michele Favarger, Arch Priestess of ATC-Canada and certified Nonviolent Communication trainer.

    Expand your awareness by attending these captivating workshops on Pagan Pride Day!

  • Vendor Highlight: Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day welcomes Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa!

    Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa will offer Healing Jewelry, including crystal pendants, yoga / energy bracelets, silver chains among others, singing bowls, himalayan salt lamps as well as reflexology and massage tasters.

    You can visit Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa on Pagan Pride Day!

    Online at Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa 

  • Vendor Highlight: DePhi Studio

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day welcomes DePhi Studio!

    Needle Felted Medicine Dolls – made of Wool, stands 16 inches  tall and has sage/lavender felted within her. She is huggable and soft. I call these dolls Medicine dolls, Spirit dolls, and/or Healing dolls. They are made with prayer and love and deep intentions of healing and growth.

    I offer the option of having your doll custom made for your specific needs; you can have input into the colours, healing herbs and overall intention of the doll or you can allow me to intuitively create for you.

    All dolls are unique and unable to be exactly replicated. They are hand made out of natural fibre and blessed with the love of nature.

    This is not a doll for children but is for those needing the connection of love and healing through powerful female energy and divine feminine. They have been used for altar displays, and also gentle cuddling while wounds heal.

    You can visit DePhi Studio on August 12th at Pagan Pride Day in Courtenay! DePhi Studio on Etsy

  • Vendor Highlight: The Power of Three-Holistic Health, Salon and Spa Services

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes The Power of Three-Holistic Health, Salon and Spa Services!

    threeThe Power of Three- Holistic Health, Salon and Spa Services is dedicated to providing trinity healing of the body, mind and spirit. To encompass and empower all people’s.

    On Facebook at The Power of Three-Holistic Health, Salon and Spa Services

  • Vendor Highlight: Simply Crystals

    simply crystalsVancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Simply Crystals!

    At Simply Crystals we have a large selection of beautiful stones and crystals that can be used for ritual and healing. We also have some beautiful altar pieces, wands, chalices, pendulums and other metaphysical products

    Dawn is a Crystal Therapist amongst other things and has a passion for energy work. On Facebook at Simply Crystals