• VIPPD says thank you thank you to each and everyone of you!

    We’d like to thank everyone of who attended our 14th Annual Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day – you are the reason we had such an incredible day! We’d also like to thank (and please please message us if we’ve overlooked anyone!):

    Our wonderful community support:

    Extra special thanks to the Circle of the Sacred Muse: Mary, David, Alex, Ranan, Dawne, Cece and Kerri and Michele for our magical main ritual and to everyone who participated in the ritual – yay! your energy stabilized the high pressure zone above us and stopped the showers?

    Our fabulous performers:

    Our amazing workshop presenters:


    Our superstar volunteers:

    • Tori, Jim, Holly, Katie, Khris, Angus, Albert, Lianne, Del, Neahla, Ian, Kelly, Darryl
    • Michele, aka Our Most Exalted Chopped Liver – you did a fabulous job with the magical threshold to prosperity!
    • And the Immensely Malinski clan for pitching in throughout the day

    Our marvellous Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day Vendors, Readers and Information Tables – thank you for all your fantastic donations to the raffle table as well!

    We’ll see you next year for the 15th Annual Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day! and yes, photos from the day are on their way:)


  • New this year! Pagan Families at the HedgeWitch Shire booth

    For all of us pagan parents – there will be plenty to do at the Shire! Bring your family — bring yourself!

    PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a drop zone. Any children left unattended will be fed to the dragons and/or a general page will be made that a child has been found and should be returned to a parent asap. Thank you! 

  • Schedule of Events for Pagan Pride Day

    We’ve got an exciting lineup of workshops and performers for this year’s event!

  • Pagan Information: Circle of the Sacred Muse, HedgeWitch Collective, Vancouver Island Druids and Garry Oak Proto-Grove

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes our island pagan groups!  

    The HedgeWitch Collective is a Victoria area coven and your host for Pagan Pride Day! We hold a regular monthly Brew HaHa coffee meet-up for newcomers. As hedgewitches, we are all individually used to practicing ‘outside of the hedge’ so many of our rituals are eclectic in nature. We became a registered non-profit last Hecate’s Day and are working our way towards affiliation with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada. Drop by our booth meet us!

    The Circle of the Sacred Muse is an open Wiccan community serving Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River Circle of the Sacred Museand the surrounding communities on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We celebrate the Sabbats and Full Moons – our rituals are open to the public to attend. We also have informal “coffee cauldrons,” where we can meet, share experiences, and have fun.

    Our circle is accepting of all, regardless of race, gender or orientation. Whether you are an experienced covener, new to the craft or just curious, you are welcome here. As we are told in the Charge of the Goddess, we bring “mirth and reverence” to our rituals. Circle of the Sacred Muse is an affiliate of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada. Visit them online, and then come visit them at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day!

    The Garry Oak Proto-Grove is the meeting place for members of A Druid Fellowship (ADF) on beautiful Vancouver Island.  In this group, we practice the nine virtues of ADF – wisdom, vision, piety, courage, integrity, perseverance, fertility, moderation, and hospitality. Visit them at their website https://garry-oak.ca/ and you can meet them in person on Pagan Pride Day, sharing a table with the Vancouver Islands Druids.

    Vancouver Island Druids is a place for people on or near Vancouver Island who are interested in Neo-Druidry and friendly, informative and supportive discussions. The group hosts Sabbats up and down the island, recently at the Esquimalt Lagoon in Victoria and in Nanaimo. You can find them online or drop by their table in the Pavilion at the Sooke Region Museum on August 11th!.

  • Pagan Pride Day Press Release

  • Vendor Highlight: Sage Creations and Wyrd Moon Creations

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Sage Creations & Wyrd Moon Creations!

    Sage Creations brings an eclectic style of palmistry that encompasses styles from all around the world to bring insight and clarity on health, love career and more. Practicing Magic for over 10 years to bring teaching and healing to the world.

    Wyrd Moon Creations Is a collective group of Witchy artists  creating magical  handmade jewelry, using natural materials. From Viking knit treasures to Antler necklaces, with Lava/crystal bracelets somewhere in the middle. [The Wyrd are the Nordic Fate Weavers of human kind, weaving all things into being] Witchy Women Weaving Wyrd Wonder )0(

    Visit Sage Creations & Wyrd Moon Creations on Pagan Pride Day in Sooke on August 11th! On Facebook at Sage Creations


  • Vendor Highlight: Emma Heitzmann Art Studio

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Emma Heitzmann Art Studio!

    My name is Emma Heitzmann, I’m a potter and a sculptor and I currently live in Campbell River BC. I was born in Calgary, Alberta and moved out to Vancouver Island in late 2011.

    Working in the ceramic medium is highly elemental, raw earth and water to make it malleable, fire and air to change the material to something that will last until someday it erodes back into its component parts.

    I find a great deal of inspiration and interest in the natural world around me and have been learning a great deal about the flora and fungi of the area I live in since I moved from Calgary. Bringing some of the passion I have for the natural world into the work I create has become a main area of focus for a number of years now. I feel that there are nearly endless possibilities that flow from our forests and oceans into my work.

    I make work that both mimics and represents several species of mushroom, that dances with bees, and that offers daily practice of prayer and noticing.

    You can purchase her pottery on Pagan Pride Day at the Sooke Region Museum and you can see more of her work at  https://www.instagram.com/emmaheitzmannartstudio/

  • Vendor Highlight: The Oak and the Ivy Healing Services

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes The Oak and the Ivy Healing Services!  

    We believe that what you create inside yourself, manifests outside yourself. With this in mind, we know that chronic stress is linked to the 6 top leading causes of death today, and affects all levels of health. In this age of constant pressure, self-care has never been more important.  We’d like to help you with that! With a combined 30 years of experience, we customize treatments Reiki, Sekhmet, and Crystal Therapy, can offer insight and also counselling. While we specialize in chronic pain issues, we can typically help in most situations. We also sell items that are complementary to healing, such as crystals, meditation aids, jewelry and more.

    You can visit Oak and Ivy Healing Services on Pagan Pride Day on August 11th and on the web at http://oakandivy.wixsite.com/oakandivy


  • Vendor Highlight: Sand and Sea Crystal Therapy

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Sand & Sea Crystal Therapy! 

    I am a certified crystal therapist who loves to share the magic of crystals with people who want an alternative form of energy healing. My family of artists make healing jewelry and lovely goats milk soap which we will have available at our booth too. in love and light we create together ❤️

    Visit Sand & Sea Crystal Therapy on Pagan Pride Day on August 11th! Check out their website at www.sandandseadesigncompany.ca/

  • Vendor Highlight: Lane Moon and Jeanie Wilson

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Lane Moon and Jeanie Wilson!

    Lane Moon features hand crafted wooden wands with symbols and crystals, wooden ritual boards with protection symbols burnt into them while enchanted and crafted within the circle.

    Jeanie Wilson features handmade wire wrapped crystal pendants and handmade beach glass and driftwood pendants and paintings.

    Visit Lane Moon and Jeanie Wilson at Pagan Pride Day in Sooke on August 11th!