Main Ritual Highlight: Arbutus Reach & BC Heathen Freehold

Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Arbutus Reach and the BC Heathen Freehold!

Arbutus Reach welcomes you to this rite in honour of Thor, on behalf of the BC Heathen Freehold. As in a traditional Blot, our offerings today will be shared between the Gods, Landwights (spirits), Ancestors, and ourselves.

During the Sharing of the Blessing we will be asperging (sprinkling) everyone with the liquids from our offering bowl, which will be mostly water. There will also be a small altar set up where people can make offerings during the day if they choose.

You can learn more about the BC Heathen Freehold online and join in the Main Ritual at 1:00pm at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day at Charles Hoey Park in Duncan on Saturday, August 12th!



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