Performer Highlight: Hekate’s Torch

Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Hekate’s Torch!

Hekate's TorchCanadian Pagan Rock band formed by Femi Heqet aka Mohana – vocals, melody and synth, Robert Johnson – guitar and lyrics and Ebony Heqet Johnson, mascot. May Her Torch Be With You!

Robert Johnson and Femi Heqet are Hekate’s Torch, Robert is a poet and a songwriter who plays guitar and saxophone. He enjoys mixing and recording original music.

Femi Heqet, aka Mohana is a Brazilian singer/songwriter who started singing and acting at the age of 5. Wrote her first poems at the age of 16. Soprano for the Amazon Choir conducted by Dirson Costa from 1998 to 2001. Started singing professionally and composing her first songs in English in 1999 in Alternative Rock style. Awarded for the play “Reflexiones de la Naturaleza” in Tena – Ecuador, 1st prize at the Drama and Music Festival/2010, as writer and producer. Awarded for the Best play soundtrack in the 5th Amazon Drama Festival together with Mikelane de Almeida and Douglas Rodrigues. Many shows performed live in Brazil, Venezuela and Ecuador.

See and hear Hekate’s Torch perform at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day August 17th!

Visit Hekate’s Torch online

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