Vendor Highlight: Emma Heitzmann Art Studio

Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Emma Heitzmann Art Studio!

My name is Emma Heitzmann, I’m a potter and a sculptor and I currently live in Campbell River BC. I was born in Calgary, Alberta and moved out to Vancouver Island in late 2011.

Working in the ceramic medium is highly elemental, raw earth and water to make it malleable, fire and air to change the material to something that will last until someday it erodes back into its component parts.

I find a great deal of inspiration and interest in the natural world around me and have been learning a great deal about the flora and fungi of the area I live in since I moved from Calgary. Bringing some of the passion I have for the natural world into the work I create has become a main area of focus for a number of years now. I feel that there are nearly endless possibilities that flow from our forests and oceans into my work.

I make work that both mimics and represents several species of mushroom, that dances with bees, and that offers daily practice of prayer and noticing.

You can purchase her pottery on Pagan Pride Day at the Sooke Region Museum and you can see more of her work at

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