Share the Harvest! The Sooke Food Bank and Wild Wise Sooke will also receive our donations this year



The theme of Pagan Pride all around the world is to Share the Harvest. Many of us have been blessed with abundance in various areas of our lives. Part of the mission of Pagan Pride Day is to give back to our communities.

Vancouver Island Pagan Pride has selected the Sooke Food Bank and Wild Wise Sooke as the beneficiaries of this year’s event.

The Sooke Food Bank Society is a non-profit organization that provides one hamper per month to those in need. The Sooke Food Bank gathers food and cash donations to support food distribution and collection programs. Food hampers help provide recipients with essential food items to augment existing food supplies at home when times get tough.

Wild Wise Sooke’s mission is to reduce human-wildlife conflicts in communities through education, i nnovation and cooperation. They work towards keeping our community safe, and at the same time keep wildlife from coming to harm. They provide information to educate communities on managing attractants so as to live responsibly with all wildlife. Wild Wise Sooke believes that if we can drastically reduce the human and wildlife conflicts then we can reduce the number of bears that have to be destroyed each year.

We need your help, too! When you come out to Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day to learn, to celebrate and to have fun, remember to bring your donations of food, household goods, and cash donations! Help us SHARE THE HARVEST! Our committee has been working hard to raise funds to host Pagan Pride Day and to be able to give back to these important organizations that contribute so much in our community.

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