Vendor Highlight: Emma Heitzmann Art Studio

Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Emma Heitzmann Art Studio!

Emma Heitzmann is an emerging artist who especially enjoys sculptural work. Much of her current work is ceramic and she enjoys it when what she makes has a functional as well as artistic design.

Emma moved to Comox Valley in late 2011 having graduated from a graphic design program in Calgary and has been a part of the Fine Arts Program at NIC since 2012. She loves playing with clay and spending time exploring the alchemy of ceramics to develop new projects from the natural world. She also has been exploring the wider realm of sculpture in metal and wood and alternative materials within the last year.

Emma’s eclectic background is reflected in what she chooses to shape in clay. You might find a set of four ‘Metta-meditation cups’ or a whimsical figure from the latest fantasy novel she’s read. Some of her latest creations range from fungi-inspired cups and tea-pots to bee decorated plates and bowls she’s christened ‘bee-ware.’  All pieces marry the principles of purpose to the fires of the imagination.

Emma is devoted to mastery in her craft and revels with glee in the possibilities of what she can create next. She shares her knowledge by volunteering in pottery programs at the Campbell River recreation center. She welcomes inquiries about commissioned work.

You can visit Emma Heitzmann Art Studio at Pagan Pride Day!

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