• Pagan Pride Day Press Release

  • Vendor Highlight: Sage Creations and Wyrd Moon Creations

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Sage Creations & Wyrd Moon Creations!

    Sage Creations brings an eclectic style of palmistry that encompasses styles from all around the world to bring insight and clarity on health, love career and more. Practicing Magic for over 10 years to bring teaching and healing to the world.

    Wyrd Moon Creations Is a collective group of Witchy artists  creating magical  handmade jewelry, using natural materials. From Viking knit treasures to Antler necklaces, with Lava/crystal bracelets somewhere in the middle. [The Wyrd are the Nordic Fate Weavers of human kind, weaving all things into being] Witchy Women Weaving Wyrd Wonder )0(

    Visit Sage Creations & Wyrd Moon Creations on Pagan Pride Day in Sooke on August 11th! On Facebook at Sage Creations


  • Vendor Highlight: Sand and Sea Crystal Therapy

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Sand & Sea Crystal Therapy! 

    I am a certified crystal therapist who loves to share the magic of crystals with people who want an alternative form of energy healing. My family of artists make healing jewelry and lovely goats milk soap which we will have available at our booth too. in love and light we create together ❤️

    Visit Sand & Sea Crystal Therapy on Pagan Pride Day on August 11th! Check out their website at www.sandandseadesigncompany.ca/

  • Vendor Highlight: Lane Moon and Jeanie Wilson

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Lane Moon and Jeanie Wilson!

    Lane Moon features hand crafted wooden wands with symbols and crystals, wooden ritual boards with protection symbols burnt into them while enchanted and crafted within the circle.

    Jeanie Wilson features handmade wire wrapped crystal pendants and handmade beach glass and driftwood pendants and paintings.

    Visit Lane Moon and Jeanie Wilson at Pagan Pride Day in Sooke on August 11th!

  • Vendor Highlight: Forest Spirit Creations

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Forest Spirit Creations!  

    Forest Spirit Creations is a family business founded on the concept of healing with the powerful plants, animals and stones around us. Whether you are treating an illness with one of our salves or tinctures, or grounding your spirit with one of our jewelry or décor pieces, you will find wellness, beauty and balance in our products.

    Visit Forest Spirit Creations at Pagan Pride Day in Sooke on August 11th!

    online at Forest Spirit Creations

  • Vendor Highlight: Feather Fusion

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Feather Fusion!

    Feather Fusion is a combination of colorful jewelry and hair creations, all products are handmade with love on Vancouver island. Unique styles of feather earrings, ear cuffs, hair extensions, headbands, and all kinds of feathery fun creations.

    You can visit Feather Fusion on Pagan Pride Day at Lewis Park, Courtenay!

    Feather Fusion on Facebook

  • Vendor Highlight: Little Love Letter Arts

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day welcomes Little Love Letter Arts!

    Over the last 8 years I have been creating a small galaxy of Shining Star pendants and wands. I use a variety of gemstones, from glass rhinestones to natural gemstones.  I also paint in a style I call fairy tale impressionism, local flora and fauna and a few fairies painted with bright colors to make the canvas a little more magical.

    Visit Little Love Letter Arts on Pagan Pride Day August 12th!

    Little Love Letter Arts on Esty

  • Vendor Highlight: Lady Glitz Designs

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day welcomes Lady Glitz Designs!

    I specialize in making beautiful Swarovski  jewelry. I’ve been making jewelry for 6 years and I love what I do.

    You can visit Lady Glitz Designs at Pagan Pride Day on August 12th!

  • Vendor Highlight: Changes by Jenna

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Changes by Jenna!  amber

    I hand-make Orgonites here in the Comox Valley. Orgonites are a combination of crystals and metals in resin which create an energy cleanser.   They draw in the negative ambient energy and transmute it back into positive ambient energy.   This negative ambient energy is coming off electronics, cars and even people.   I have made them into cell phone charms, pet tags, pendants and also in shells and various shapes, like swords, skulls and flowers.

    I also represent Color By Amber, a recycled jewelry company.   They have created an Eco-resin in which they encapsulate recycled materials and also interlayers made by artisans from all over the world.   Truly stunning, made in a sustainable way and guaranteed for life!

    Visit Changes by Jenna on Pagan Pride Day!

  • Vendor Highlight: SuzannArt

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back SuzannArt!

    I paint on canvas, and on many objects made of fabric and glass. My style ranges from very realistic to abstract, incorporating fairies and symbols like sacred geometry (the flower of life, Sri yantra…), elvish writing and so on.

    I make clothes by recycling and modifying second hand ones. I also create jewelry with stones and crystals (rings earrings, bracelets, anklets) and dreamcatchers.

    Visit SuzannArt on Pagan Pride Day and see more of her work at http://www.suzannart.com