• Vendor Highlight: Windtalker

    Mur Windtalker, Reiki Teacher & Psychic

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day welcomes Windtalker!

    Mur Windtalker, Reiki Teacher & PsychicMur is a tarot reader and a Reiki Master based in Victoria, BC. His style in tarot focuses on current issues in the individual’s life, tending to causative factors and solutions.

    Mur started studying the Tarot in late 2003, right around the same time he started studying Reiki and other healing arts. He now lives in Victoria, Canada where he operates as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a psychic, a yoga teacher and leads classes and workshops on several topics including Meditation, Wicca, Energetic Healing, and Self-Development, both in his community and internationally.

    “The reading was easy going and easy to understand. He hits the point with honesty regardless if its good news or otherwise. Mur helped me to know the weaknesses that I have and how to solve them. Trust me, even the examples (most of the time) that he uses to help better understand the situation are pulled and reflect your actual life. I loved it” – Oree

    “Thank you Mur. Your reading was quite helpful for me and you really gave me the tools and positive energy I needed. I agree with every word you said. Thanks again, lots of love.” – Wafaa’

    “Thank you very much dear Mur. A very enlightening session. You have a talent and lovely vibrations. Looking forward to getting my Weyrd products from you and breaking out of the glass box. Thank you Thank you Thank you.” – Suzi

    You can visit Windtalker on Pagan Pride Day!

    Windtalker on Facebook

  • Vendor Highlight: The Oak and the Ivy Healing Services

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes The Oak and the Ivy Healing Services!  

    We believe that what you create inside yourself, manifests outside yourself. With this in mind, we know that chronic stress is linked to the 6 top leading causes of death today, and affects all levels of health. In this age of constant pressure, self-care has never been more important.  We’d like to help you with that! With a combined 30 years of experience, we customize treatments Reiki, Sekhmet, and Crystal Therapy, can offer insight and also counselling. While we specialize in chronic pain issues, we can typically help in most situations. We also sell items that are complementary to healing, such as crystals, meditation aids, jewelry and more.

    You can visit Oak and Ivy Healing Services on Pagan Pride Day on August 11th and on the web at http://oakandivy.wixsite.com/oakandivy


  • Vendor Highlight: Moonlight Dimensions

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Moonlight Dimensions!

    Moonlight Dimensions offers a variety of services, from hand crafted aromatherapy products, jewellery, feather fans, medicine pouches, reiki, oracle readings and more. Everything is created with love and attention to detail. If you want a magical item you will cherish for years to come, your wish is granted here.

    Gypsy Cece is an amazing artistry business full of creative unique items that are sure to please all those who wander in looking for just the right item. Look no further for wonderful magical items here.

    You can visit MoonLight Dimensions on Pagan Pride Day!

    On Facebook at Moonlight Dimensions 

  • Vendor Highlight: Trewbelievers

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Trewbelievers!   trew

    Kathy Trew is a Reiki Master, creator of Gaia Reiki, Medium and healing Intuitive. She offers Gaia Reiki energy sessions as well as readings. She has developed a new interactive divination tool that is easy to learn. She has developed 41 pendulum charts that connect the user to their Guides. Subjects include relationships, health, career, healing, mediumship, animal communication etc.

    Visit her website at Trewbelievers.com

  • Vendor Highlight: Moonlight Dimensions

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Moonlight Dimensions!moonlight1

    Phoenix Ryder, owner of Moonlight Dimensions, is a local Reiki Master and local artisan. She infuses a blend of healing and creativity into all her products which range from aromatherapy products, reiki sessions, oracle readings and hand crafted items made with love and light.

    On Facebook at Moonlight Dimensions 

  • Vendor Highlight: Earth Based Spirit

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Earth Based Spirit!  earthbased

    Earth Based Spirit is an alternative ministry for those pursuing spiritual paths outside the religious box. Returning to earth based practices brings grounding and peace. I offer a myriad of services from life coaching to breathing sessions. I am a trained Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive counselor, writer and artist.

    I will be offering Intuitive Readings with my bag of Shells and Stones collected on Galiano Island. I have been doing these readings publically since 2012.

    For more information on what I’m up to please visit Earth Based Spirit