• Vendor Highlight: Soaring Scavengers

    Soaring Scavengers

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Soaring Scavengers!

    Soaring ScavengersNestled between old growth trees and the Pacific Ocean, Soaring Scavengers officially began in 2015.  Inspired by life and death on Vancouver Island Soaring Scavengers creates high quality, handcrafted leather goods that are rugged enough for everyday use and outdoor adventures.  Though most items are crafted using new, high quality leather, makers Nat and Riley will use natural and recycled materials they have scavenged along the way for specific designs and accents.

    Where did the name Soaring Scavengers come from?  Inspired by the resident turkey vultures living on Vancouver Island, Nat and Riley resonated with these incredible birds and appreciated their ability to scavenge what they need to survive and their community focused approach to life.

    Often misjudged, the turkey vulture is actually a very necessary bird found all around the world. Seen often soaring together in kettles these birds are considered a bird of prey, though they rarely kill for a meal, rather spending their days cleaning up the dead, thus removing harmful bacteria and disease from their environment.  As community birds you’ll often see more than one, flying, eating and sleeping together.

    Visit Soaring Scavengers at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!

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  • Vendor Highlight: Kettle and Hive

    Kettle and Hive

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Kettle and Hive!

    Kettle and HiveKettle and Hive Citron Tea concentrate is a unique mixture of fresh lemons and honey.  No hidden ingredients, just deliciousness in every cup!  Just add a spoonful to a mug of hot water – it’s a convenient and modern take on a traditional recipe!

    Trish Francis has been working in food production for over 20 years. A trained baker and an self proclaimed foodie, she has a passion for creating innovative recipes and flavour combinations. Her interest in herbs and wild foods from a young age has provided inspiration for her many creations.

    After watching a friend struggle to make a cup of fresh lemon and honey tea on her break from work the idea for Kettle and Hive was born.   She found that Lemon and honey concoctions are used in many cultures worldwide, each one having its own recipe and method passed down through the generations. This is  a modern version of those traditional recipes.

    Citron Tea concentrate is a unique mixture of fresh lemons and honey; its distinctive texture creates a soothing beverage when added to water it nourishes more than just your body. Simple, Natural, Good.

    Visit Kettle and Hive at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!

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  • Vendor Highlight: Shill Shack

    Shill Shack

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Shill Shack!

    Shill ShackShill Shack carries so much cool sh!t: corsets and accessories, Jewelry and clothing, geek merch and cool supplies, custom leather and costume work. Remember, don’t let age make you beige!

    Visit Shill Shack at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride on August 17th!

    Online at Shill Shack

  • Vendor Highlight: Forest Spirit Creations

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes Forest Spirit Creations!  

    Forest Spirit Creations is a family business founded on the concept of healing with the powerful plants, animals and stones around us. Whether you are treating an illness with one of our salves or tinctures, or grounding your spirit with one of our jewelry or décor pieces, you will find wellness, beauty and balance in our products.

    Visit Forest Spirit Creations at Pagan Pride Day on August 17th!

    online at Forest Spirit Creations

  • Vendor Highlight: Ethereal Earth

    Art Sample - Ethereal Earth

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Ethereal Earth!  Art Sample - Ethereal Earth

    Ethereal Earth is the studio name of artist, Alison Spokes. Using an electronic drawing tablet, digital drawing application and her own imagination, Alison paints with pixels to create enchanting fairy & fantasy inspired illustrations and handmade gifts.

    Ethereal Earth also offers a selection of mass market Tarot and oracle cards as well as some locally made fairy costumes and accessories.

    You can see Alison’s fantasy creations at Pagan Pride Day on August 17  Ethereal Earth


  • Vendor Highlight: Windtalker

    Mur Windtalker, Reiki Teacher & Psychic

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day welcomes Windtalker!

    Mur Windtalker, Reiki Teacher & PsychicMur is a tarot reader and a Reiki Master based in Victoria, BC. His style in tarot focuses on current issues in the individual’s life, tending to causative factors and solutions.

    Mur started studying the Tarot in late 2003, right around the same time he started studying Reiki and other healing arts. He now lives in Victoria, Canada where he operates as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a psychic, a yoga teacher and leads classes and workshops on several topics including Meditation, Wicca, Energetic Healing, and Self-Development, both in his community and internationally.

    “The reading was easy going and easy to understand. He hits the point with honesty regardless if its good news or otherwise. Mur helped me to know the weaknesses that I have and how to solve them. Trust me, even the examples (most of the time) that he uses to help better understand the situation are pulled and reflect your actual life. I loved it” – Oree

    “Thank you Mur. Your reading was quite helpful for me and you really gave me the tools and positive energy I needed. I agree with every word you said. Thanks again, lots of love.” – Wafaa’

    “Thank you very much dear Mur. A very enlightening session. You have a talent and lovely vibrations. Looking forward to getting my Weyrd products from you and breaking out of the glass box. Thank you Thank you Thank you.” – Suzi

    You can visit Windtalker on Pagan Pride Day!

    Windtalker on Facebook

  • Vendor Highlight: Bat-Fish Studio

    Bat Fish Studio

    Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Bat-Fish Studio – Masters of Creative Alchemy!

    Bat Fish StudioAs an Eco- Designer I have a line of clothing & accessories that are made from up-cycled & reclaimed textiles & materials. I use repurposed & unconventional components to create unique wearable art.

    After a career as a corporate designer it became more & more important to me to create a business model that would include using materials that are reclaimed, recycled & re-purposed. Concerned about the waste that is produced everyday by the fashion & clothing industry, I wanted to do something to change that.

    So I started Bat-Fish Studio. I focus on using waste as a resource, claiming post consumer materials often bound for landfills.

    From bicycle inner tubes, industrial rubber, upholstery samples, fabric dead stock, seat belts, leather & textile off cuts, l use these components as a creative starting point. To me sustainable design has become a way of life, by designing a line of reclaimed clothing & accessories, I create products that become examples of innovative thinking.

    I incorporate a variety of effects to the clothing & products to give richer dimension to the finished product such as silk screening & fabric manipulation. I’m constantly striving to come up with new & creative ideas that use unconventional materials in a original & inventive way, resulting in unique wearable art.

    You can visit Bat-Fish Studio on Pagan Pride Day!

    Bat-Fish Studio on Facebook