Vendor Highlight: Bat-Fish Studio

Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Bat-Fish Studio – Masters of Creative Alchemy!

Bat Fish StudioAs an Eco- Designer I have a line of clothing & accessories that are made from up-cycled & reclaimed textiles & materials. I use repurposed & unconventional components to create unique wearable art.

After a career as a corporate designer it became more & more important to me to create a business model that would include using materials that are reclaimed, recycled & re-purposed. Concerned about the waste that is produced everyday by the fashion & clothing industry, I wanted to do something to change that.

So I started Bat-Fish Studio. I focus on using waste as a resource, claiming post consumer materials often bound for landfills.

From bicycle inner tubes, industrial rubber, upholstery samples, fabric dead stock, seat belts, leather & textile off cuts, l use these components as a creative starting point. To me sustainable design has become a way of life, by designing a line of reclaimed clothing & accessories, I create products that become examples of innovative thinking.

I incorporate a variety of effects to the clothing & products to give richer dimension to the finished product such as silk screening & fabric manipulation. I’m constantly striving to come up with new & creative ideas that use unconventional materials in a original & inventive way, resulting in unique wearable art.

You can visit Bat-Fish Studio on Pagan Pride Day!

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