Vendor Highlight: Studio Esoterica

​Studio Esoterica is the brainchild of Cece Pitts Henderson (Gypsy Cece) of Vancouver Island, BC.  Gypsy is a disabled army veteran faced with the challenge of constantly seeking new ways to express herself artistically within the limits set by her physical capabilities.  Studio Esoterica was created to host this journey of One and to showcase Gypsy’s craftsmanship.  However, as fate would have it, Gypsy Cece met two other artists 20292950_1755237591440345_280598947848022910_n.jpgon their own artistic quests …. and soon the One became Three.  Studio Esoterica is not your typical gallery or marketplace, it’s an umbrella for Three spiritual and creative ladies to huddle together under and share their ideas and resources with one another so that each individual woman’s creative ventures shall flourish…. That, is Studio Esoterica.
More information at: here

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