Vendor Highlight: Wacky Wizarding Wands and Other Wonderful Whats-its

Vancouver Island Pagan Pride welcomes back Wacky Wizarding Wands and Other Wonderful Whats’its!

Whimsical arts, crafts and jewelry- inspired by the magic and mystery of fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and all things fantastical. We are a 3 generation team of crafters and artisans, coming together to make the world a tiny bit more magical.

Specializing in; Magic Wands, Wings (Butterfly, Faerie, Demon, etc), Flower Crowns, Tutu’s, Mermaid, Unicorn and Demon Accessories, Potion bottles, Halloween Props, Wind Chimes, Sea Glass Jewelry, Elvish Tiara’s and Ear Cuffs, Wire Wrapped Jewelry, and Nerdy Jewelry.

You can pick up your whimsical arts and jewelry on Pagan Pride Day and you can see more about Wacky Wizarding Wands and Other Wonderful Whats’its on Facebook

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